Boeken over de Marselis familie

Book : Marselis-slaegten. Blade af dens historie.
by Poul Harris
Published 1980 by CENTRUM, Jyllands-Postens Forlag. Viby J. (Denmark)
ISBN 87-583-0016-3
The main subject of this book is the role the Marselis family has played in Denmark's history. In addition, Peter Marselis (Russia) and Selio Marselis (Norway) are discussed as well as Wilhelm Marselis's descendants named Gyldencrone. This book is in Danish and there is a (private) translation into Dutch. I doubt whether you can still find any original copies of this book anywhere.
The book is a great contribution to the history of the Marselis family. Throughout the preparation of this book, I have been in close contact with Poul Harris and his wife Carla. They were marvelous people and Poul has made a great impression upon me because of his hospitality and his continuous energy and drive to get things done. He died in the late 90's. To remember him, I have put his photo on this Website : Poul Harris (he would have loved to see this!).

Book : Die Familie Marselis im wirtschaftlichen entwicklung ...............
by Erik Amburger. I have this book in Holland but not here in Egypt, so I cannot provide the details until I visit Holland this summer.
This really is a fascinating book. It is well researched, it contains maps and a long list of references, most of which are in Russian. Apart from some detailed descriptions of economic development in Russian which may have a tendency to be somewhat boring, the book reads like a novel. The emphasis is on the Marselis family in Russia (Peter Marselis) while also Denmark (Gabriel and Constantijn Marselis) and Norway (Selio Marselis) are mentioned. The book is in German and again, there is a (private) translation into Dutch. By coincidence I found an original of this book for sale on the Internet from an antiques shop in Zwolle (Holland) and, yes, I bought it.

Book : Het Receptenboek van Mevrouw Marselis - anno 1790
door Mevrouw Marselis
Uitgegeven in 1790 and in herdruk verschenen in 1975 bij Meulenhoff, Baarn, Holland
ISBN 90-224-0178-2
Een 500 recepten uit mevrouw Marselis' keuken in 1790. Heel aardig om te lezen maar de meeste recepten zijn niet echt praktisch in de hedendaagse keuken. De vraag is uiteraard wie was deze mevrouw Marselis? Er zijn twee mogelijkheden : het is of Johanna Henrietta van Marselis (1765-1818) die gehuwd was met Jan Hartsinck of Maria Petronella van Marselis (1766-1818) die getrouwd was met Pieter Hartsinck.

Boek : De 250 Rijksten van de Gouden Eeuw
door Kees Zandvliet
Uitgegeven in 2006 door het Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam, Holland
ISBN 90-8689-006-7

Boek : Marselis Konsortiet
En studie over forholdet mellom handelskapital og kongemakt i 1600-tallets Danmark.
(Een studie van de verhoudingen tussen handelskapitaal en koningsmacht in het 17e-eeuwse Denemarken)
Uitgegeven: Jysk Selskab for Historie Århus 1987. 266 pag.

Artikel : article about "Selio Marselis, de wapenhandelraa" in het tijdschrift Amstelodanum.

Artikel : over de familie Marselis in "De vroedschap van Amsterdam" door J.E. Elias.

Book : De Marselis familie 1900-2006
door Vinus (1895), Kees (1925) and Ben (1954) Marselis.
This book has not been published but the text does exist. In 1972 Levinus Leonardus has written about life in the Marselis family when he was young, in 1910-1920. His son Kees has written the family history for the period 1935-1970 and his son Ben has written the history for the years 1970-2006.
There are currently no plans to have this book published but we will keep it in a safe place, for our children and grandchildren to read. In case you want to contribute, please send an email to Ben Marselis




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